at Brubacher

What's it like working at Brubacher? No matter what their area of focus, team members at Brubacher share the same core values of safety, integrity, honesty, initiative and respectfulness. They are recognized for the quality of their work and their passion for doing things right. They get satisfaction from overcoming challenges and exceeding expectations. And they are rewarded with opportunities for growth and advancement. Below see some of the career possibilities at Brubacher. Click the links below the descriptions to learn more and watch the videos of what it's like to work at Brubacher.  

General Laborers

Our general laborers perform a variety of manual tasks, including hand digging with a shovel, jack hammering asphalt, carrying materials or tools and more. Laborers may assist the supervisor with other designated tasks.
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Pipe Laborers & Layers

Pipe laborers and pipe layers work together to install sanitary and storm sewers, gas utilities and water mains. Laborers perform manual tasks such as shoveling dirt, cutting and connecting pipes, while layers maintain the depth, check the laser and grade stakes, direct the laborer and assist the pipe supervisor.
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Heavy Equipment Operators

Our heavy equipment team is responsible for operating a variety of excavating equipment, from backhoes and dozers to loaders and excavators. Tasks range from digging trenches and earthmoving to land clearing and loading materials. All equipment operators perform daily maintenance, including visual inspections of the machine, checking and filling fluids, and lubricating the machine.
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Land Clearing Operators

The land clearing team is responsible for operating forestry equipment such as excavators, stump splitters, feller bunchers, skidders and more to process trees, stumps and roots.
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Horizontal Directional Drilling Operators

Operate a Vermeer directional drill and communicate with the Locator about the direction of the drill by using hand signals and a two way radio. The operator also works with the locator to meet the designed path of the bore. Maintains the integrity of the borehole, working with the Horizontal Directional Drilling Supervisor to plan and carry out successful pilot hole, back-reaming and pull back operations.
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Paving Laborers and Operators

The paving crew consists of laborers, roller operators, screed operators and paver operators. From shoveling asphalt to placing and compacting it, our paving team uses a variety of techniques and equipment to pave roads, streets, parking lots and more.
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Our technicians perform inspections, preventative maintenance, repairs and replacement work on equipment, heavy duty trucks, and trailers. Modern diagnostic equipment is used to identify and troubleshoot problems.
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Site Surveyors

A survey crew typically consisting of a rodman and crew chief make up the site surveying team. The team uses GPS and robotic survey equipment to perform primary construction stakeout and provide accurate layouts.

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Pipe Supervisors & Site Superintendents

Pipe and site supervisors are responsible for coordinating and managing all activities within their respective field, including personnel, equipment, materials and subcontractors, in accordance with company policies, contractual obligations, prints and specifications, rules and regulations.
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Office Personnel

Office personnel positions include project managers and estimators. Estimators are responsible for generating accurate estimates, proposals and change orders. Project managers are responsible for administering all project activities, from planning to budget analysis and quality control.
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